Health Check-Up Packages

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Full Body Health Checkup for Men & Women

Get the best package for full body checkup with consultation from specialists at Meditrina. Book an appointment and get your health check done.

Healthy Heart Package

The heart being the most important body organ demands the utmost care. Heart diseases are chronic and any complication can be fatal. Some of the tests in this package are Lipid, ECHO,TMT and various others that will help in tracking your heart health. Heart health test package comes with Free Doctors consultation so that you can get answers to all of your questions.

Diabetic Care Health Package

The Diabetes Care Package helps screen and diagnose prediabetes, diabetes and other types of diabetes. It provides a range of tests for key diabetes parameters such as Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), HbA1c, and Average Blood Glucose. In addition, it also includes tests for Complete Blood Count / Hemogram (CBC), Lipid Profile, Thyroid Function, Kidney Function and more. This package is recommended for people with strong risk factors for diabetes and heart diseases, including a family history of these diseases, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and obesity. It is also suitable for people with diabetes to monitor their sugar control.

Special Maternal Package

Special maternal package covering from Pregnancy to Delivery

Special Orthopedic Package

Check your bone health

Fertility Package

We care for your dreams and give you the best gift of life.