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Medical imaging plays an important role in diagnosing all sorts of diseases and injuries. At Meditrina hospital Radiology Department, we provide high-quality images and informed interpretations to referring doctors. By enabling a precise diagnosis of your problem, we help ensure you receive the best possible treatment.Our experienced team is highly specialized expertise using the latest imaging equipment. And unlike in many large hospitals, you will never feel like a number thanks to our friendly, intimate environment.

Whatever Imaging Services You Need You can come to the Radiology Department for a variety of imaging services, from the basic to the most complete

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      arrow   Interventional radiology

      arrow   Mammography

      arrow   Radiography and fluoroscopy

      arrow   Ultrasound

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Radiologists are the physicians behind the scenes who evaluate your images and provide your doctor with a report. In most cases, these are the main people with whom you will interact before and during your imaging procedure. They take great pride in answering your questions, easing your worries and offering comfort when you need it most. As a patient, though, please feel free to ask to see a radiologist at any time.

No matter what health challenges you may face, the Radiology Department is here to serve you. Our dedicated, compassionate team will do everything possible to make an accurate, prompt diagnosis that gives you your best chance at recovery.


dr ganesh    
MBBS, MD | Consultant - Radiology