History Of Meditrina

Meditrina Hospital, Kollam, belongs to the Meditrina Group of Hospitals that aims to bring world class health care service within the reach of the Indian public. We serve the community with the help of highly qualified, nationally and internationally experienced doctors with Social commitment ensuring affordable cost of treatment.

Beginning a new age in the world of medical field, the initial Endeavour, Meditrina Cardiac centre has already positioned in the history of Kerala in the opening year itself through the highest Number of Angioplasties performed. And it is functioning successfully in conjunction with a solid commitment for public welfare and no attention to monetary benefit.

Meditrina Hospital, Kollam, a part of Meditrina Group of Hospitals, is one of the fastest growing multi-specialty hospital chains in India, managed by dedicated professionals, engaged in providing primary as well as tertiary healthcare services. Founded by Dr.Prathap Kumar, Meditrina Hospital is the largest chain of hospitals in kollam today, with a pan India presence.

The Meditrina Group of Hospitals is known for its ethical medical practices, which makes it a preferred choice for patients. Moreover, while achieving clinical outcomes on par with international standards, Meditrina Hospital make advanced procedures accessible at a fraction of the international costs.